Toddler Program

    Toddlers are at a developmental stage where everything is new. Toddlers are learning every moment of the day and enjoy exploring their environment. The classroom is equipped with safe and exciting age appropriate furniture and toys.


    Calendar and newsletters are sent home monthly. Toddlers are explorers and learn through interactive hands-on activities. Toddler friendly activities are set up in the classroom to enhance their social, emotional, language and cognitive skills. Educators read stories, sing songs and play games to encourage the child's participation. Children also enjoy weekly Music and Movement lessons taught by a certified teacher.

    Outdoor play is also an important part of our curriculum. Toddlers have the opportunity to run, ride bikes, climb and slide as well as sandbox play.

    Daily reports are provided to parents at the end of each day in regards to the child's mood, meals, diapering/toileting and additional comments about your child's day.

 Preschool & Pre-kindergarten Program

    A new world of learning begins in our preschool programs. This is the beginning of a new learning adventure that will develop language, social, emotional, thinking and learning skills of young learners. They begin to problem solve and become critical thinkers. The program provides an academic and literacy rich foundation that will prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.  Talking responsively to children, reading daily and offering regular opportunities to practice writing are key to successful learners.


    Our curriculum is based on the Massachusetts Department of Education Guidelines for Preschool Learning and the Early Childhood Program Standards.

    Calendar and newsletters are sent home monthly. Children will be challenged in all areas of the curriculum including science, math, writing, literature and social studies. Children also enjoy weekly Music and Movement lessons taught by a certified teacher.

    The younger preschoolers learn by a literature based curriculum. Engaging preschoolers in stories, songs and puppet props will encourage language and reading readiness skills. Developing friendships, problem solving and sharing will build confidence as our younger learners prepare to move on to our pre-kindergarten program.

    Our pre-kindergarten students learn by a theme based - academically rich curriculum. Exposure to letter and phonological awareness, name writing, expanding vocabulary and reading skills are explored. Children also enjoy weekly Spanish lessons taught by a certified teacher.

    Children also participate in outdoor and gross motor play daily.

School-Age Program

    We provide a safe and structured before and after school program for children 5-8 yrs. of age. Children are supervised by a qualified educator at all times.


    Our school age program is designed to provide children time to play outdoors, interact with friends, engage in puzzles, games, manipulative toys and creative projects. We also dedicate space and support for daily homework assignments and group story. A variety of snacks are provided.

    Our goal is to develop a positive self image through social interaction, cooperation, conflict resolution and relationship building. Children will learn how to get along with other children and use free time creatively, productively and safely.