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Our programs our designed to meet the developmental needs of children infant to 12 years of age. Children learn and develop through hands-on exploration and experiences. These experiences enhance and enrich the child’s cognitive, language, social, emotional, creative and physical development. We view children as individuals and acknowledge that each child develops at their own pace.

Children have the opportunity to create, explore, learn to problem solve, gain independence, develop personal interaction skills and play cooperatively with other children. Our programs are full of exciting activities and learning opportunities every day.

The curriculum is based on our philosophy “Learning By Doing, Hands On Approach.” Children learn better when they are interacting, doing and trying things on their own. These activities engage the children so they can explore, experiment, imitate, ask questions and be questioned to further their thinking and problem solving skills. The main goal of our programs is to guide and encourage children to become enthusiastic learners; to help each child develop a positive self-image, to foster the development of self-confidence as an individual, to foster an awareness of others and to encourage positive peer relationships.

Knowing the tremendous impact the early years have on a child, it is our goal to provide a supportive environment where we work together with the parents to make each child’s first five years a positive and beneficial experience.

All of our teachers are also involved in professional development and education. By keeping current with the latest educational programs and methods, our staff will ensure that the children receive the best possible experience while they are in our care.


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